Make A Wish

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Sea Bigs

Get Your Special Edition Make-A-Wish® Sea Bag and Help Grant a Child’s Wish Before the Auction Begins!

This year Sea Bags has graciously created and donated 30 Special Edition Make-A-Wish® Sea Bags totes.

Sea Bags is renowned for their stylish and wildly popular totes made from recycled sails. Here's your chance to get a special edition design and help grant a wish before the evening gets started!

Here's how it works.

When you arrive at the Fantasy Auction, you'll be offered the opportunity to purchase one or more of our Special Edition Make-A-Wish® Sea Bags for $200 per bag. Our hope is to sell all 30 bags before dinner to raise $6,000.00 and grant a wish before the evening begins!

Please plan to purchase a bag for yourself, or someone special, and help us celebrate and Share the Power of a Wish®! History tells us these won't last long!

* Bag for reference only. Actual special-edition Sea Bag to be   unveiled at auction.

Make A Wish